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We want to transform our community and the world.

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New Summer Series: Big Questions

This summer, we're tackling those things we've always wondered about. What is the Trinity? What really happens when I die? What's actually going on in Revelation? Why was Jesus crucified? Or maybe your question is more specific: What does it mean to be Methodist? Why do we always recite the Psalms? 

Do you have a question about God, the Bible, Church, or life? We want to hear it! There's no question too big, too small, too easy, or too controversial. Each week during the Big Question series, we'll look at one question and see what our faith has to say about it. Follow this link to submit your questions.

Connect with God. Connect with each other.

Gather to experience worship with us each Sunday morning at 11:00 am. Merritt's Chapel UMC is located at 1090 Farrington Pt. Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27517.  Sunday School begins at 10:00 am each Sunday.

Quick Info

Sunday Worship

Sunday at 11:00am

Gather for passionate worship, thoughtful and relevant preaching, and an inviting community.

Sunday School

Sunday at 10:00am

Grow deeper in your faith and relationship with Jesus and learn from one another each Sunday before worship.


Sundays at 5:00pm

Our youth (7th grade - 12th grade) meets each week for food, community, and conversations about our faith and our world. 

rooted in mission

A fundamental element of Merritt's Chapel United Methodist Church is mission work that reaches out to the local community and the world.


We will open our hearts, minds, and doors to reach out to all people in the name of Jesus Christ.